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If you want to change the world, write. – Martin

  • ~Late night thoughts~

    July 22, 2019 by

    It’s 0100 in the morning and I just came back from a late run, on my run I couldn’t help but replay my life over and over and over and over… I’m excited for my new life to begin. I’m done with school (well sort of, I finished one of my degree’s) and I know… Read more

  • My observation at the cafe

    July 20, 2019 by

    A few mornings ago I was at Starbucks drinking my iced refresher and right across from me I noticed this couple. This couple appeared to be on their first date and all I could literally think about was “God I feel so bad for them”… It was quite pitiful honestly, the woman was beautiful of… Read more

  • A day at the dog park.

    July 17, 2019 by

    Today I had the luxury of taking my furr baby on fun day at the dog park. We went once in the morning then again once again in the evening. It was actually a really nice day today, it was cloudy then it rained during our evening stroll. My puppy Blaze has never been more… Read more

  • An evening in the ER.

    July 15, 2019 by

    A red and white light A gurney A sound of wailing A living soul clinging on to life The beeps are fast The adrenaline is rushing The heart sinks A life is in your hands A call is to be made A needle is inserted There is nothing like saving a life.

  • Life is the most difficult test

    July 14, 2019 by

    Life, the most difficult thing there is to do and no one prepares you for it. When I was about 2 years old I wanted to be an astronaut. I thought the biggest “baddest” thing in the world was not traveling to another city or another country but being able to escape our earth and… Read more

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