The Beauty of not giving a F***

Has anyone ever felt like we’re just so caught up with life? For example, we live in a society today to where we have the impulsive need to just give a F*cK about anything and everything! “What car do you have?” “How much do you make a year?” “Where did you go to school?” “What do you do or a living?”… It never ends!

You see, I was raised to be a ‘go-getter’ to not give up, to chase after my dreams and that I could be and do anything I ever wanted to. Then college happened and now reality is hitting… So this morning I woke up and I realized thinking “positive” wasn’t going to make me happy. Having a optimistic view on every little crap thing in my life is not going to make everything better! Let’s face it crappy things happen, bad things happen and sometimes life just throws you a curve ball that you can’t avoid collision no matter how hard you try! So here are my thoughts for today 🙂

Instead of waking up with “a so called positive outlook on life”, I woke up today with a “I’m not giving a F*cK attitude. So much to say, I stayed in bed practically all morning and evening. I ate chocolate, had my coffee, haven’t cleaned my house and best of all I DON’T CARE. For years I have lived my life trying to have the upmost perfection on everything. Making sure my house was clean, trying to stay above my class grades, get to my job 30 minutes early. Binge eat so I don’t feel super terrible about it and call it “balance”. I obtained a degree I am the start of my “career” and still even though I did “everything right” Why do I still feel like Sh*t?!?! The irony right!

I have met many people in my 21 years of life.. and needless to say the most humble people seem to be the happiest! Why is that? You don’t have to be a billionaire, millionaire or even a CEO to truly be happy. A trillion dollars will never buy you pure happiness or peace and I seem to be learning that the hard way. So why care anymore? Are we really doing justice to new upcoming generations? It’s quite humiliating honestly, everyone teaches you how to make a living (well if you’re that lucky) but no one teaches you how to live your life! I’m not saying the hell with it all and attempt everything illegal but I’m saying the hell with it all your life isn’t granted for forever and if you’re miserable where you’re at GET OUT. You’re not harming nobody or anything, you’re saving yourself.

So today, I am deciding to be content, to be thankful and to be proud of what I have and even haven’t accomplished and to delete all these terrible notions by social media that state living “miserably” is horrible. Why? Because a billion dollar Instagram photo isn’t what will bring you authentic joy. Who cares who follows you? Who cares you make $10 billion in a day, or $10 in a day? Why have we added value to the most MEANINGLESS THINGS IN LIFE. Take a second to take that in and watch it change your life.

– So cheers to not Giving any F*cKs!! 🙂

Published by ehernandezz

I am 21 years old, I currently attend a university in the United States. I have a degree in Psychology and I am almost done with my Biochemistry degree. I work as a Medical Assistant in the Emergency Department and I also have a beautiful Siberian Husky Hybrid.

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